About Imagine More

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Imagine More inspires people with disability and their families to get the good things of life.

We work to create

  • A community in which people with disability and their families are confident and empowered to build supports and networks needed to live valued and included lives
  • A community which welcomes and values the participation and contribution of people with disability in social and economic life
  • A community where people with disability, their families and supporters are able to be leaders in their own lives and within their community
  • An organisation that is professional, sustainable and embedded in the community it works with.

Our Vision

A community where everyone is included, valued and contributing in meaningful roles.

Our Purpose

To empower individuals, families and the community to become inspired, motivated and capable of ensuring people with disability

  • hold valued social roles
  • develop meaningful relationships and
  • live typical lives in their communities.

Our Values


We believe in the value of developing a clear and optimistic vision, being open to and seeking opportunities, having high expectations, and being positive and hopeful about the future.

Self-direction and agency

We encourage individuals and families to maintain control of their lives and not be subject to passive supports. We encourage people with disability and their families to be the authors of their own lives.


We recognise the power of connection, the strength of building networks and investing in a wide variety of relationships. It is typical to rely on freely given relationships in our lives. We encourage individuals and families to reach out for and nurture freely given relationships rather than rely solely on paid supports, as freely given relationships tend to be longer-lasting and can broaden a person’s social capital.

Celebrating the success

We recognise the importance of reflecting and celebrating successes, no matter how small, in working towards the vision that is made up of the good things in life.


We promote building the confidence of individuals, families, services and the community to take the steps required to fulfil an individual’s vision for a good life in their community.


Inclusion is found when there is a focus on the unique gifts, strengths and increasing competence of a person. Inclusion is realised when a person is supported to participate and contribute to regular and typical communities in our society.

We promote inclusive practices that are not confused by models where people are segregated from the community or congregated with other people with disability.

We call for the creation of welcoming environments where people are committed to identifying how everyone can contribute in meaningful roles.

Courage and resilience

We believe in the importance of pushing boundaries rather than accepting the status quo. We encourage individuals and families to take measured risks, step outside their comfort zones and develop strategies when others are not able to see the possibilities and opportunities.

Supported decision making

We recognise that we all need support in making decisions, and people with disability are no different. However, some people may need a deeper level of support to understand the choices and consequences of decisions and have agency in their own lives.

Strategic Plan and Annual Report

This page was last updated on 5 September 2023.