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Start: Wed 22 May, 2024 09:00 End: Sun 23 Jun, 2024 17:00

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Discover the employment potential of students with disability

  • An on-demand replay of a 90-minute workshop by Milton Tyree
  • Relevant to career advisors, educators, families, and others interested in pioneering career guidance practices that inclusively cater to students with disability.
  • Available until 5:00 pm on Sunday, 23 June 2024.
  • This is a free event.

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the transition from school to work represents a significant milestone for all students, particularly those with disability. This session aims to bridge the gap between traditional career pathways and the innovative approach of Customised Employment, ensuring that every student’s potential is fully realised and valued in the workforce.

Accredited program TQI 2024Every student can contribute is a workshop tailored for career advisors and educators, but it will also be relevant to families of secondary school students with disability.

This workshop is TQI accredited for up to two hours of professional learning for educators in the Australian Capital Territory.

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Workshop overview

This engaging 90-minute workshop was primarily designed for school-based career advisors but is also relevant to families and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of Customised Employment.

Presented by Customised Employment consultant Milton Tyree, the workshop content aligns with current practices and frameworks that support the career development of students with disability.

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Who should attend

  • Transition and careers officers
  • Disability education coordination officers
  • Inclusion coaches
  • Educators
  • Families, and
  • Anyone interested in pioneering career guidance practices that inclusively cater to students with disability.

Key themes and learning objectives

Introduction to Customised Employment (CE)

Understand the essence of Customised Employment and how it diverges from traditional post-school pathways, emphasising its role in achieving equitable employment outcomes.

Integrating CE within the curriculum

Explore how CE can complement existing career planning tools and curriculum, particularly through elective units for senior students and incorporating discovery resources into Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).

The Discovery Process

Gain insights into the Discovery phase, its purpose, school-level implementation, and support for students and families in navigating this journey.


A premise of this workshop is that students who find it difficult to compete for employment in the open market nevertheless have the skills and interest in contributing to an organisation and making a difference. This information can be applied to students exploring pathways to open employment and careers, as well as Work Experience, Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), and microenterprises (solo businesses).

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About Milton Tyree

Portrait of Milton TyreeHailing from Kentucky in the USA, Milton Tyree is a consultant working with Marc Gold & Associates, pioneers in the field of Customised Employment (CE). Alongside his decades of experience in customising employment, Milton applies the principles of Social Role Valorisation (SRV) to enhance employment outcomes for people with disability. He’s also a wonderful teacher who illustrates CE theory with real-life examples. We’re delighted he’s returning to Canberra to teach this workshop in person.

Early in his career, Milton was a high school special education teacher. While he loved teaching, he was concerned that his students were all graduating with nothing to do. Having come across Marc Gold’s teachings, he left education and began helping young (and older) adults find valued work based on their interests and skills.


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Secure your spot in this enlightening workshop and contribute to shaping an inclusive future for all students. Registration is free, thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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