Finding Work – The Next Steps

Start: Thu 18 Feb, 2021 12:00 End: Thu 18 Feb, 2021 13:30

Location: Online

Presented by: Jan Kruger, Fiona McIntosh


A School To Work Webinar for Students in Years 11 and 12

Many people assume that a student with disability will struggle to find work in Open Employment. Yet, with the right supports, young Australians with disability are taking their rightful place in the workforce. They earn a living, contribute positively to their workplace, and acquire skills for future employment.

During these final years of secondary school, it’s important for students with disability and their families to be planning for their future in the workforce.

In this introductory workshop, we’ll help you and your student to do this planning. Join us during lunch for 90 minutes of learning and discussion.

Topics We’ll Cover In This Webinar

  • An overview of Customised Employment
  • Discovering the person’s qualities
    • understanding the Discovery Process
    • working with others in discovery
  • Fostering employment opportunities
    • the proposal
    • researching organisations
    • examples of a pitch
    • positive introductions and using valued language
    • asking for interview accommodations and alternatives
    • asking for a wage
  • Engaging employment supports
    • general considerations
    • employing your own job coach
    • questions for service providers
    • NDIS planning
    • task analysis and systematic instruction
    • growth and career development.
  • Microenterprises
    • Important considerations
    • Examples of local microenterprises
  • Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs)

The School to Work Project aims to inspire, increase the confidence of, and motivate students with disability and their families about work.

This is an introductory webinar designed for students with disability in Years 7 and 8 and their families. Please also plan to attend School To Work – Finding Work – Getting Started which will be held on February 11, 2021.

More free webinars and workshops will be held throughout 2021.

Will There Be A Replay?

There will be a replay. It will only be available for people who register for this event, and for a short time only.

Not Located in the ACT?

You are very welcome to register for this event, no matter where you are located. Please note that some information in these webinars may be specific to the Australian Capital Territory. You might also be interested in the webinars run by our partner organisations:

This project is being provided as part of the Community Inclusion Capacity Development program through The Department of Social Services.

Meet the Speakers

  • Jan Kruger

    Jan Kruger

    Jan Kruger is the Executive Director of Imagine More. She and her husband have four beautiful adult children. Their youngest, Jack, is 18 years old, and is an Oztag player, downhill skier, friend and happens to have Down syndrome. Jack completed Year 12 at Daramalan College in December 2020. He is currently working as an After School Care Educator.

    Jack has had a number of work experience placements and paid work roles during his school years. These include a small lawnmowing business that he operated with his cousin, a soccer referee at the local soccer club, and an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) in Business Administration.

    Jan will share some insights, stories and strategies derived from Jack’s employment journey and the experiences of other students and recent school leavers with disability.


  • Fiona McIntosh

    Fiona joined Imagine More in November 2020 as our School To Work Coordinator.