Imagining Home Peer Group – November Meeting

Sean and his friends drinking beer at the pub

Start: Mon 16 Nov, 2020 12:30 End: Mon 16 Nov, 2020 13:45

Location: Online, via Zoom

Presented by: Lisa Bridle


Lisa Bridle will share her son, Sean’s, story of moving out of the family home and into a flat with one flatmate. This could be now described as an Individualised Living Option (ILO).

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  • Lisa Bridle

    Lisa Bridle

    Lisa Bridle is a social worker with a background in community development. Since 2011, she has worked at Community Resource Unit in family leadership development. At CRU, she helps families to have a positive vision of an inclusive life.

    Lisa has three children. Since Sean was born she has been developing her advocacy skills. She supported Sean’s school inclusion and is an active member of family advocacy organisations.

    Lisa is passionate about building communities which include and value the contributions of people with disability. She also has an interest in the bioethical issues affecting people with disability. Her PhD research examined the ethical issues raised by prenatal diagnosis of disability.