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Securing the Good Life through Inclusive Education

Announcement of the online workshop, Securing the Good Life through Inclusive Education

Start: Thu 07 Sep, 2023 09:00 End: Sun 23 Jun, 2024 17:00

Location: Online, on-demand access - watch anytime!


A self-directed online workshop for families wanting an inclusive education for their children with disability

  • Self-directed online workshop
  • On-demand 24/7 access
  • This is a free event
  • Register anytime between now and 23 June 2024
  • Complete the workshop at your own pace.

When children with disability are included in a mainstream class in their local school, everyone benefits in the short and long term. But it can be difficult for our children with disability to be effectively included in the same school as their siblings, friends and neighbours.

Many families have found that it’s helpful to have a working knowledge of educational inclusion and to know what the school needs to provide to make inclusion possible. It’s also critical to know how to ask for these in a manner that strengthens the relationship between the school and the family.

Navigating the 2024 school year

This workshop was developed for families of children with disability who are

  • Entering school for the first time
  • Moving into the next grade level
  • Changing schools
  • Not thriving in their current classroom.

Once enrolled, you’ll be able to explore some essential elements of truly inclusive education:

  • What is inclusive education? Many people find it is not exactly what they understand it to be
  • What 40+ years of research tells us about the benefits of inclusive education
  • What supports work best in promoting good outcomes for all students
  • Individual Learning Plans – what are they, and what does a good one look like?
  • How to build and maintain collaborative partnerships with school staff – including tips for meetings
  • The importance of friendships and social connections
  • Student and family stories on their inclusive education experience

This workshop is for families who

  • are unsure which education option to choose for their child and want to know more about inclusion at school
  • are pursuing an inclusive education for their children.

It is suitable for families with students of all ages (primary, high school, and secondary college). Families whose children have yet to start school will also find the workshop helpful.

About the Workshop

When you register, you’ll receive an email inviting you to sign into an online portal.

Within the portal, you’ll find workshop videos, exercises, and other resources.

You’ll have 24/7 access to the workshop, making it easy to work through the material at your own pace.


This is a free workshop funded by the Department of Social Services.

Who should enrol

This workshop is for families of current and future school students only. It’s been designed for families who are serious about pursuing an inclusive education for their children with disability.

Attendees of previous Securing the Good Life workshops may wish to enrol to review the content.


  • Immediate access when you register
  • On-demand access to the workshop videos and resources
  • Register anytime between now and 23 June 2024
  • Complete the workshop at your own pace

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