On-Demand Workshop: Securing the Good Life with Inclusive Education

Start: Thu 23 Sep, 2021 09:00 End: Fri 22 Oct, 2021 17:00

Location: Three on-demand, online sessions with 24/7 access

Presented by: Jan Kruger, Erosha Bakmiwewa, Anne Keep


When children with disability are included in a mainstream class in their local school, everyone benefits in the short and long term. But even in 2021, it can be difficult for our sons and daughters with disability to be effectively included in the same school as their siblings, friends, and neighbours.

Many families have found that it’s helpful to have a working knowledge of educational inclusion and to know what the school needs to provide to make inclusion possible. It’s also critical to know how to ask for these in a manner that strengthens the relationship between the school and the family.

We ran this workshop online during August-September 2021. It’s now available as an on-demand virtual course for a limited time.

Workshop Content

Session 1

  • What is Inclusive Education
  • Benefits of Inclusion – what does the research say?
  • The importance of having a Vision

Session 2

  • Supports for Inclusion
    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Differentiated Learning
    • Reasonable Adjustments
    • Teachers Aides
    • Therapy at School
  • Individual Learning/Education Plans (IEP/ILP)

Session 3

  • Safety vs Safeguards
  • How to build collaborative partnerships with schools
  • The importance of friendships and social connections
  • Choosing a school

This workshop is suitable for families of students of all ages (primary, high school and secondary college) as well as families whose children haven’t yet started school.

Workshop Details

There are three on-demand modules for this workshop. You’ll have 24/7 access to the modules until Friday, October 22 at 5:00 PM AEST.


This is a free workshop.

This workshop has been significantly subsidised as part of the Imagine More Typical Pathways Initiative which has been funded by the Department of Social Services

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for families of current and future school students only. It’s been designed for families who are serious about pursuing an inclusive education for their children with disability.

Meet the Speakers

  • Jan Kruger

    Jan is the Executive Director of Imagine More. She and her husband have four beautiful adult children. Their youngest, Jack, is 18 and has just completed Year 12 at Daramalan College.

    Jack is an After School Care Educator, Oztag player, downhill skier, friend and happens to have Down syndrome. He has been Jan’s most valuable teacher in understanding how to support people with disability to get the good things of life by following a typical life path. Jan continuously works towards building an ordinary, inclusive life for Jack, where he enjoys a sense of belonging as a valued member of his community.

  • Erosha Bakmiwewa

    Erosha Bakmiwewa

    Erosha is a mother of three children, Sethmi, Jayden and Keisha.

    Sethmi is a dancer, bike rider, friend and was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2.5 years. Erosha has been an active advocate of inclusion and instrumental in getting Sethmi enrolled in a mainstream school in Year 3. Sethmi graduated from Year 6 in December 2020.

    Erosha will share her daughter’s educational journey through primary school.

  • Anne Keep

    Portrait of Anne Keep

    Anne joined the Imagine More team in November 2020 as our Typical Pathways Initiative Coordinator.

    Before she joined us, Anne worked as an external service provider visiting schools to support students with disabilities. Her experiences of working with students with varying support needs across various school settings have made her a strong advocate for inclusive education.