School to Work – Discovering Work (Years 9-10) – Replay

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Start: Tue 22 Nov, 2022 16:00 End: Fri 16 Dec, 2022 17:00

Location: Online, via Zoom


On Monday, 21 November 2022, we presented a webinar called School to Work: Discovering Work. This is one of our foundational School to Work webinars. In it, we explored how students with disability in Years 9 and 10 can start planning for meaningful work during and after school. We encouraged students with disability and their families to imagine the valued work roles they can strive towards.

If you missed the live webinar, you can still watch the replay for a limited time.

About this webinar

In this webinar replay, you will

  • Learn why having a job is important for everyone, especially people with disability
  • Hear a brief history of employment creation models
  • Understand the importance of having a clear vision for your student’s future
  • See examples of vision statements and learn how to create your own
  • Learn how to identify your student’s attributes, strengths and interests
  • Understand how to map attributes, strengths and interests to potential future work roles
  • Get tips for setting up
    • initial experiences of work
    • work experience placements
    • Australian School-Based Apprenticeships
  • Learn how to highlight positive and possible contributions to prospective employers
  • Learn how to set young people up for success
  • Find out where to get support
  • See examples of what is possible. We’ll share stories of young people with disability
    • doing work experience
    • having part-time jobs while still at school
    • entering paid work as school leavers and
    • establishing their own microenterprise (small business).

Where will I find the replay?

  • The replay will be housed in our online portal
  • You must register to access the portal

For how long will the replay be available?

  • The replay is available online and on-demand until 5:00 pm on Friday, 16 December 2022


  • You must register to access the replay
  • Registration is free, thanks to funding from the Australian Department of Social Services

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Who should watch this webinar?

The information in this series is primarily for families of students with disability in or about to enter years 9-10.

People with disability, career advisers, school staff, and services that support people with disability will also gain much from watching.

If you have watched this series before, you are welcome to register again.

You are very welcome to register for this event, no matter where you are located. Please note that some information in these webinars may be specific to the Australian Capital Territory. You might also be interested in the webinars run by our partner organisations:

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Other webinars in the Foundational series

There are two other events in the School to Work Foundational series, each aimed at the age and stage of the students. You are welcome to register for these webinars as well, or please share the details with other families.