Virtual kitchen table Customised Employment ‘Get Stuff Done’ Day

Virtual kitchen table Customised Employment "Get Stuff Done" Day

Start: Mon 05 Aug, 2024 09:30 End: Mon 05 Aug, 2024 16:30

Location: Online at our virtual kitchen table


Your next step to Customised Employment success

We understand that not everyone can attend peer groups, workshops, or conferences due to work and life commitments, but we know the importance of setting time aside for thinking and planning.

We want families to feel supported in their learning and implementation of customising a job for and with their family member with disability.

So, we hope the Get Stuff Done Day will help you carve out time for this important thinking and planning.

Whether you’re just starting out or need help fine-tuning your plans, our hosts – Jan Kruger and Fiona McIntosh – will support you throughout the day from our virtual kitchen table.

You are welcome to come, sit, and listen while progressing toward your goals. This event is designed to be interactive, but you can also work on your tasks independently without interacting. Feel free to participate at your comfort level.

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What you’ll get

Practical guidance

Receive genuine, hands-on assistance with any aspect of the Customised Employment process, including

  • Discovery
  • creating visual resumes
  • finding and keeping jobs
  • creating a micro-enterprise.

Personalised support

Pull up a chair at our virtual kitchen table and ask your questions, as well as listen to, learn from, and contribute to answering other families’ questions. Sometimes, the answers to someone else’s questions give you insights you didn’t even know you needed!

If you prefer, you can also speak with one of our hosts in a private virtual space.


We hope that sitting at our virtual kitchen table will motivate you, give you ideas, and teach you tactics for implementing your plans and progressing to the next step in your employment journey.

Guest speaker

Erosha Bakmiwewa will join us at lunchtime (12:30 pm—1:30 pm) to discuss how she set up a home-based business for her daughter, Sethmi, and obtained a food business license.

Who should attend?

Families who

  • want employment or self-employment for a family member with disability.
  • are open to using Customised Employment.
  • need help approaching employers or understanding their needs.
  • want to solve work problems their family members face.
  • want to start a small business for their family members.

Please note that this event is open to family members only. If you are an employment support professional or educator, please contact Fiona at with your questions.

How it will work

Drop-in anytime

You can drop into our virtual meeting at any time during the day between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm that suits you. Stay for as long or as little as you like. There’s no need for an appointment.

Bring your questions

Bring your Customised Employment questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

You can ask questions at the virtual kitchen table, where other families can learn alongside you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can arrange for one of our hosts to speak privately with you.

1:1 guidance

If you need more detailed, personalised guidance, you can have a short 1:1 session with one of our hosts. These will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, and alternative times will be offered if our hosts are busy helping others.

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A wooden kitchen table decorated with a vase of flowers. Four chairs are gathered around it.Why a “kitchen table”?

During Imagine More’s earliest years, most of our work was done speaking with families around somebody’s kitchen table, often with a cup of tea close at hand. These informal, comfortable settings helped to foster open and honest conversations, allowing us to connect deeply with families and truly understand their needs.

We love the energy of kitchen table conversations and aim to bring this warmth and openness to our Get Stuff Done Day. By creating a similar atmosphere, we want everyone to feel valued, heard, and supported and to encourage meaningful conversations.

Meet your hosts

Portrait of Jan KrugerJan Kruger

As Executive Director of Imagine More, Jan brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping families navigate Customised Employment. She also draws on her experience supporting her son Jack in gaining valued, customised work roles.

Fiona McIntoshPortrait of Fiona McIntosh

As Imagine More’s School to Work Coordinator, Fiona works closely with families as they learn and implement customised employment. She brings experience and valuable insights from working with families to achieve successful employment outcomes.

How to participate

There’s no need to complete a registration form. Simply click the button below to get the calendar link or add the event to your own calendar. Then join us anytime between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, and our hosts will be ready to assist you.

Important: Please note that we will not be sending out personalised reminders, so make sure you have an alert set up in your calendar.

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See you at our kitchen table!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take actionable steps toward customised employment for your family member.

We look forward to supporting you.

For any questions, please contact Fiona McIntosh at