Work experience: Think outside the gate (for families)

School to work logo and workshop title: Work experience - think outside the gate - for families

Start: Thu 15 Dec, 2022 13:00 End: Fri 31 Mar, 2023 17:00

Location: Online, on-demand access - watch anytime!


Learn how families can work with schools to create successful community-based work experience opportunities customised to each student’s interests, needs and potential contributions.

Is your child with disability in or soon to begin highschool? If so, please plan to join us for this free online workshop about work experience placements for secondary school students with disability.

Work Experience: Think Outside the Gate will give families practical guidance to help their young family members

  • imagine their career path
  • find work experience that aligns with their interests, needs and skills and
  • set up successful work experience placements for the student and their host employer.

This workshop is based on

  • the customised employment approach developed by Marc Gold and Associates and
  • the lived experience of families and young people.

It is part of our three-year School to Work project. This project builds the capacity of families to help secondary school students to imagine, discover and find valued work roles.

  • This was a great workshop. Perfect amount of time to discuss with others, share ideas over chat, provision of ideas and inspiration, videos.
  • Very informative and am feeling much more confident to get my son into some paid employment
  • So helpful and full of really valuable information and support.
  • Lots of good practical ideas.

~ Comments from family members who attended our 2022 workshop

Are you a careers or education professional?

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Workshop details

This event has two parts

  1. The on-demand workshop
  2. Live discussion sessions

Watch the workshop…

The workshop recording will be available to watch online at a time that suits you until Thursday, 31 March 2023.  

…then join a live discussion session

After you’ve gone through the online workshop, you might

  • have some questions about the workshop content
  • want to discuss how to apply what you’ve learned to your situation
  • be interested to hear how other families are approaching their children’s work experience journeys.

Please plan to join us for a live discussion session where we’ll be inviting questions and conversations about the workshop content. We’re planning to hold two sessions, so please pencil them into your calendar. You are welcome to join both if you wish. The sessions are open to families and professionals.

Please note these discussion sessions will not be recorded.

  • Live discussion session 1: Thursday, 9 February 2023, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Live discussion session 2: Tuesday, 4 April 2023, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Register and enjoy this workshop for free

The workshop is free, thanks to funding from the Department of Social Services.

Who should watch this workshop?

The sessions are relevant for families of students in year 6 to year 12 and recent school leavers.

Professionals who support young people with disability in school, career planning, and employment are also welcome to attend. However, they may find the workshop for professionals more relevant to their needs.

You are welcome to register for this event, no matter your location. Please note that some information in this workshop is specific to the Australian Capital Territory. You might also be interested in the webinars run by our partner organisations

Here is what some families identified as the most important things they learned from the workshop:

  • That it’s manageable and not scary.
  • The methodical approach to customised employment and ways to achieve this.
  • Start now – it’s never too early
  • That work opportunities need to be customised and set up properly for the person to have success. A lot of what is required is no different than what anyone requires to be successful in a job, it just needs a bit more preparation.

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Workshop outline

The workshop includes the following sessions:

Session 1 – Imagine a Customised Career

  • Employment environment. An overview of employment experiences for people with intellectual disability
  • Career education. Explore the career education environment and how to work with your school
  • Vision. Imagine a good life through valued social roles and create a vision statement.
  • Discovery. Identify the student’s interests, conditions and potential contributions.

Session 2 – Find Customised Work Experience

  • Customised work experience. An overview of customised work placements and the different mindsets needed to create them
  • Planning for work experience. Understand the world of work possibilities and how to explore these
  • Workplace learning. Identify specific employers to contact to arrange a work placement.
  • Talking to employers. Learn how to ask for customised work experience placements or a workplace tour to spot potential tasks
  • Disclosing disability. Decide what to disclose to an employer and when to disclose it.

Session 3 – Set Up Work Experience for Success

  • Access supports. Accessing NDIS-funded supports to find, set up, and support work experience placements
  • Prepare placements. Analyse tasks and negotiate placement relationships and conditions for success
  • Teach tasks effectively. Use systematic instruction to enable the student to master tasks independently
  • Record achievements. Learn how to capture learning for a visual resume and record the student’s feedback about tasks
  • Future opportunities. Ask employers for future work, referee reports and career advice.

Register now for this free, on-demand workshop about Work Experience

Here are the workshop details again

  • This is a free workshop for families
  • You’ll have immediate on-demand access to the workshop via an online portal
  • Watch the workshop at a pace that suits you
  • The online portal closes at 5:00 pm on Thursday, 31 March 2023
  • Join one or both of the live discussion sessions
    • Live discussion session 1: Thursday, 9 February 2023, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • Live discussion session 2: Tuesday, 4 April 2023, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
  • The live discussion sessions will be open to families and professionals and will not be recorded.