Thank You For Registering For the Workshop

What happens now?

You’ll receive an immediate confirmation via email, and will also receive email reminders in the lead up to the workshop. All emails will contain a link to the virtual workshop room.

What to bring to the workshop

Just yourself and your questions! (and perhaps a pencil and paper to make notes)

You won’t need your microphone or camera. You won’t be visible to the presenters or other participants. Your questions can be submitted via the chat.

Entering the virtual workshop room

On the day of the workshop, we’ll open a virtual waiting room 15 minutes before the workshop begins. Please allow yourself time to log in well before the workshop begins.

Once you’re in the waiting room, join the chat and say hello!

During the Workshop

We encourage questions and will answer as many of them as we can on the day.

Please don’t add links to the chat unless an admin or presenter asks you to do so. Links are distracting and we want participants to be able to enjoy the workshop without interruption.

Technical Hiccups

If you have any technical troubles try the following:

  • Use a Chrome browser if possible
  • Avoid workplace firewalls. Some workplace WiFi systems may prevent your browser from accessing our workshop platform
  • Try a reboot
  • If you arrive at the workshop room but can only see a screen with a play button, press play
  • There is also a refresh button at the top of the workshop room screen
  • If all else fails, send an email to and Jacki will try to assist.

See you at the Workshop!