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About this training package
Welcome to the training package for Job Supporters who use Customised Employment

  • Introduction
  • What is a Job Supporter?
  • Training topics

Module 1: What is Customised Employment?
Customised Employment is an approach that tailors jobs to fit the unique strengths, interests, and needs of a person with disability, ensuring mutual benefit for both the employee and employer.

Module 2: Discovery
Discovery is the first step in Customised Employment and involves understanding a person's interests, skills, and conditions necessary for them to thrive at work. It moves beyond simply asking people what they want to do or assessing them through tests. Instead, it focuses on understanding their life, activities, and contributions to tailor a job that fits them well.

Module 3: Visual resumes
A visual resume tells a visual story about a person's talents, skills, experiences, and tasks. It helps employers visualise the person in their business.

Module 4: Preparing for Job Development – Part 1
This module provides insights into how to connect job seekers with employers through a customised approach to job development.

Module 5: Preparing for Job Development – Part 2
The principles of customised employment for job development, strategies for contacting employers, and the importance of creating tailored job roles that meet both the employer's needs and the job seeker's strengths and interests.

Module 6: On-the-job support
Discussing the Seven Phase Sequence, a method for helping people with disabilities succeed at work.

Module 7: You’ve finished!