Jan Kruger addressing the audience at one of our conferences

Every one-two years we organise a conference with a theme that is relevant to people with disability. It is an opportunity for like-minded people to come together to learn, rejuvenate, motivate and connect. We invite local, national and international speakers including

  • people with disability
  • their families, supporters, and champions
  • representatives from aligned organisations
  • authorities in the inclusion space
  • education, health, and other professionals
  • representatives of local government and organisations such as the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • representatives of organisations that support people with disability and their families

Our upcoming conference

2024 – Safeguarding the Future conference

Explore our past conferences

2023 – Opening Opportunities: The life-changing power of customised employment for people with disability

Opening Opportunities is a two-day international conference that will help you uncover employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The conference will feature speakers including families, young people with disability and professionals who have opened opportunities using an approach called Customised Employment.

Customised Employment is a tried and true method when implemented with integrity, and it has been used locally and internationally. At this conference, you’ll see abundant evidence that it’s an approach that works. Our speakers will share their lived experiences of customising employment and provide practical tips you can start implementing immediately.

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2021 – Get That Good Life! Conference

Get That Good Life! logoWe all want the Good Life, for ourselves and for the people we care about.

But, traditionally, people with disability have been denied access to (or given a watered-down version of) many of the things that make life meaningful, interesting, and fun.

So this conference is all about identifying the things that make life good and how to ensure that people with disability have access to these. It will focus on strategies that create wonderfully ordinary lives for people with disability.

We invited an exciting group of local, national and international speakers to join us to share their insights, stories, and best practice methods.  The conference included:

  • Three pre-conference webinars
    • Inclusive Education with Sarah Humphreys
    • Customised Employment with Milton Tyree
    • Quality Support with Janet Klees
  • Two days filled with virtual events on a variety of topics

Learn more about the Get That Good Life! Conference

2020 – Let’s Get To Work Virtual Conference

Exploring innovation in employment for people with disability This was our first virtual conference, held during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 680 people from across the globe registered to attend the event. which was held over six weeks.

Learn more about the Let’s Get To Work Conference

2018 – The National Inclusion Conference

Held in Canberra in May 2018, the theme of this conference was inclusion. We welcomed many local, national, and international speakers. People with disability and their families shared stories that provided deep insight and reflection on the benefits of inclusion in school, work and life.  Striving for inclusion requires courage, resilience, and a clear vision.

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2016 – Strengthening Communities Conference – Making the Most of the NDIS

This was Imagine More’s third conference, held in Canberra in August 2016. We chose this theme because communities are stronger when people with a disability are valued participants.

Learn more about the Strengthening Communities Conference

2014 – Success in Transitions Conference

Held in Canberra in November 2014, this conference focused on the power of change.

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2013 – An Ordinary Life

Our inaugural conference, held in November 2013 in Canberra. We examined current and future opportunities for vulnerable people to live an ordinary life.

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