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Why are we focusing on The Good Life?

We all want the Good Life, for ourselves and for the people we care about.

But, traditionally, people with disability have been denied access to (or given a watered-down version of) many of the things that make life meaningful, interesting, and fun.

So this conference is all about identifying the things that make life good and how to ensure that people with disability have access to these. It will focus on strategies that create wonderfully ordinary lives for people with disability.


The conference will unashamedly share high expectations. You’ll see countless examples of people with disability who

  • have chosen an ordinary life path
  • hold meaningful and valued roles
  • participate in and contribute to their local communities with the right support

Montage of images of people with disability in typical roles such as student, friend, homeowner

We’ve invited an exciting group of local, national and international speakers to join us to share their insights, stories, and best practice methods.  Expect to come away with plenty of actionable ideas!

Two full days of virtual conference + three pre-conference webinars

Registration provides participants with access to the two-day conference plus three pre-conference webinars

Pre-conference webinars

  • Monday, October 18 – Inclusive Education with Sarah Humphreys
  • Thursday, October 21 – Customised Employment with Milton Tyree
  • Monday, October 25 – Quality Support with Janet Klees

Get That Good Life! conference

  • Wednesday, October 27
  • Thursday, October 28

While recordings of most presentations will be available after the event, we’d still love to see as many people as possible attending the conference on the two days. You’ll be able to ask speakers your questions in real-time, and you’ll get to watch some presentations that will not be recorded.

Conference Schedule

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Conference Themes

The two prevailing themes of the Get That Good Life! Conference will be

  • Safeguarding the future by building strong and enduring relationships and connections
  • Using support to achieve the goals that will ultimately lead to The Good Life.

These themes will be explored in the context of:

  • the early years
  • inclusive education
  • employment and microenterprise
  • imagining home
  • community
  • changing our behaviour

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Who should attend

  • People with disability
  • Their family
  • Their neighbours and friends
  • People who occupy a support role (Circle of Support members, mentors and coaches, support workers, educational assistants, etc)
  • Education professionals
  • Current and potential employers and coworkers
  • Therapists
  • People who operate Disability Employment Services and  social enterprises
  • People who work in disability support services
  • Influencers and decision-makers from government
  • Anyone who believes that people with disability can have the good things in life, and is looking for ideas, strategies and stories to make this a reality.

TQI Accreditation for ACT Teachers

  • Principal, Lead, Highly Accomplished, Proficient, and Graduate
  • Accredited Hours – 10 (or part thereof)

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Join us virtually for this content-packed two-day event

Our virtual conference format ensures that we can all participate safely and enjoy the contributions of speakers from across the globe!

When you register to attend, you’ll have access to:

  • Three pre-conference webinars
  • Two full days of learning
  • The ability to ask questions of the speakers during their Q&A sessions
  • Immediate access to the online portal that will house recordings, handouts, and resources shared by the speakers (resources and recordings will be added as soon as they are available. These will be available for a limited time after the conference) We do advise that you try to attend live as not all speakers will be recorded.

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We are thrilled to be able to offer free conference registration as it is fully funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through an Individual Capacity Building grant.

This conference is part of Imagine More’s Typical Pathway’s Initiative Project that aims to provide people with disability, families and allies with stories of what is possible and information to give people with disability the best chance to live a life with meaningful participation and contribution through valued roles and relationships.


This is a virtual conference, so all presentations will be accessible online

  • Three pre-conference webinars – online
  • Two days of conference presentations – online
  • Access to an online portal containing replays of most presentations and resources

Register for the conference

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