Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

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Tim Bavinton

We are excited to welcome Tim to the Get That Good Life! conference. Tim will be discussing the often misunderstood topic sexuality and relationships for people with disability.

About Tim

Portrait of Tim Bavinton

Tim Bavinton is a youth worker, teacher and community educator, and manager by training. He is currently the Executive Director of Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT). Before this, Tim established Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault (SAMSSA) in the ACT, under the auspice of the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre.

Tim’s professional interests include

  • youth health
  • prevention of sexual violence, and
  • the role of education for personal and community empowerment.

Tim’s personal interests include history, languages, good food, wine and coffee, and being a dad.

Tim’s Presentation

Societal attitudes have failed to acknowledge that people with a disability are sexual beings. They have the same rights to sexual expression, education, and health as people without a disability. Yet, people with disability have traditionally not had access to information about sexuality. Their differing needs for sexuality education has also been widely overlooked.

People with disability face many challenges regarding their sexuality and relationships. But, as Tim will show us, these challenges aren’t inherently due to their disability. The root of these challenges reveals a broader social lack of clarity and consistency about these topics.

In this presentation, Tim will share ways we can support people with disability in conversations about relationships and sexuality at home, at school and in the workplace. He’ll also explain how to access health information and education that is meaningful and relevant.

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