A Place To Call Home

Home is a place where you can let your guard down, relax and entertain.

A door mat with the word home. The letter o has been replaced with a love heart.

Too often the housing options offered to people with disability are non-typical, segregated and limited and forget that it ‘how’ we live in our home is fundamental to a good life. Too often, the concept of “home” isn’t considered. The need for “safety” and “convenience” may override all other considerations. The person’s preferences of where and with whom they live may be dismissed as impractical or impossible.

Many people with disability miss out on the typical experiences of their peers:

  • renting with friends and acquaintances
  • the boomerang effect (moving in and out of the family home until the ideal living arrangement is found)
  • saving a deposit for their own home
  • creating their own home, a place to relax, unwind, and be themselves.

Our Vision of Home for People With Disability

  • It starts with the person’s own vision of home
  • Home is unique to the person
  • The person must be supported to make decisions when planning to move into a place to call home
  • The person must be supported to choose who lives with them, how they are supported to live in their home
  • A person’s home should be embedded in their neighbourhood and community of their choice
  • A person must feel comfortable in their own home. It’s a place where they can let their guard down, relax and entertain.

Imagine More does not support the practice of congregated living based on disability, nor the lack of choice and control that accompanies this model.

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