The Housesitter

In this video, you'll see how a young man is supported by his family and mentors to explore moving out of the family home. This video was made by Imagine More as a contribution to the extensive collection of resources in the My Home, My Way project.

Cameron is in his early twenties and has always lived in the family home.

To explore what life in a home of his own could look like, Cameron did some regular housesitting for a family friend. Cameron’s experience was positive and showed that he was ready to live in a place of his own with carefully-crafted support in place.

About the My Home, My Way project

It is often believed that the only living option for people with developmental disabilities (other than their family home) is to live in a group home. Over many decades, people with disabilities and families have challenged this belief. They have shown that people, even with complex needs, can live in their own home.

The My Home, My Way website contains many resources, often written or produced by people with a disability and their supporters. These resources will assist in holding a vision for each person, no matter what their needs, to live in their own home with a range of personally tailored supports.

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