Inclusive Education

Inclusion is a concept that is often misrepresented and can be confusing, especially in the context of education. Learn about Inclusive Education, and browse our collection of resources.

What does it mean to be included in school?

Inclusive education happens when all kids are physically present and participating:

  • in the same classroom
  • in the same playground and
  • at the same time as all kids in the school community.

Inclusive education happens when students with disability are studying the same topic at the same curriculum level alongside their same-aged peers.

Inclusive education happens when work is modified to enable the student to access, contribute to and participate in learning.

Inclusive education happens when all kids are socially connected and are using the same social environments at the same time.

Sometimes it can be easier to identify when a school is not investing in inclusion

What Inclusive Education Is Not

  • Inclusive education is not conditional. Students do not have to ‘keep up’ to gain enrolment
  • Inclusive education is not an island in the room seated with a teacher’s aide
  • Inclusive education is not a learning support unit/room within the school
  • Inclusive education is not experienced when students are pulled out for one-on-one sessions
  • Inclusive education is not when a student with disability is working on different grade-level work.

What Is Required for Inclusion at School?

An environment promoting inclusive education to flourish for all requires:

  • Welcomed enrolment
  • Growth mindsets
  • Genuine partnering with families and students
  • High expectations of academic and social participation
  • Strength-based approach
  • Creativity and motivation
  • Good communication
  • A clear vision for the future where all kids grow up together to reflect the true nature of our society

Inclusive Education is often complex, but not so complicated to be out of reach.

Essential Resources About Inclusive Education

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