Projects and Grants

Imagine More receives much of its funding from grants. Here are some of the projects we have completed or are working on.

  • Disabled People and Family Organisations (DPFO)

    Start date: June 2019 Completion date: July 2020

    Funded by 2018 Disabled People and Families Organisations (DPFO) Grant Round

    This project focused on both individual and organisational capacity-building activities to improve the lives of people with disability in the ACT.

    Disabled People and Family Organisations (DPFO). Read more
  • Roles Based Recruitment

    Start date: December 2018 Completion date: June 2019

    Funded by National Disability Services and the ACT Workforce Impact Collective (WIC)

    This project was undertaken to increase choice and control of people living with disability by improving the quality, capacity and sustainability of the ACT disability workforce.

    Roles Based Recruitment. Read more
  • Imagine More Action Initiative

    Start date: June 2017 Completion date: November 2018

    Funded by 2016 – 2017 Round 1 ILC Jurisdictional Based Grants, ACT

    A project supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families to live inclusive, typical and valued lives.

    Imagine More Action Initiative. Read more
  • School To Work

    Start date: April 2020 Completion date: June 2023

    Funded by Department of Social Services

    School to Work aims to inspire, increase confidence and motivate students with disability and their families to seek and find meaningful employment.

    School To Work. Read more
  • Your Voice, Your Choice

    Start date: July 2015 Completion date: December 2016

    Funded by NDIS Sector development fund and the ACT Community Services Directorate

    Your Voice Your Choice project aimed to support ACT individuals, families and community partners to participate in the NDIS by supporting people with disability to explore what a good life means to them, set life goals and plan for the future, and make informed decisions.

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