My Home, My Design

Start date: November 2019 Completion date: November 2022

Funded by NDIA Community Inclusion Capacity Development program: Information, Linkages and Capacity Building.

The development of an online portal containing resources about Home. This project is a collaboration with other members of the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO).

About the Project

Each of the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO) has developed resources related to Home. This project aims to review, refresh, and draw these resources together into an online portal. It’s our hope that the My Home, My Way website will become a valuable resource for all Australians with disability.

This project is led by NACBO member Belonging Matters (Victoria).

The organisations that are contributing their resources and time into developing the portal are:

  • Belonging Matters (VIC)
  • Imagine More (ACT)
  • Community Resource Unit (CRU) (QLD)
  • Family Advocacy (NSW)
  • JFA Purple Orange (SA)
  • Valued Lives (WA)

Proposed Outcomes

This portal will collate resources into a single accessible and sustainable website. People with disability will contribute their own stories, captured in text, voice, and video.

A range of new resources will be created, including

  • podcasts
  • videos
  • high-quality booklets
  • workshops.

The project is the first of two Home projects Imagine More Ltd is involved in. The second, led by Valued Lives (WA), is My Home, My Design: Making Individualised Living Options Real.