Workshops on Topics That Are Relevant to People With Disability

We run workshops on many different topics throughout the year. It’s something that we really enjoy doing. There’s nothing quite like a workshop for

  • learning about a topic of interest
  • acquiring useful skills and tactics
  • being inspired to take action
  • meeting and connecting with others who are on the same journey.

In the past, we’ve welcomed local, national and international speakers, including:

  • people with disability
  • their families, supporters and champions
  • representatives from aligned organisations
  • authorities in the inclusion space
  • education, health and other professionals
  • representatives of local government and organisations such as the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • representatives of organisations that support people with disability and their families

Workshops in 2020

Before March 2020, our workshops were exclusively face-to-face. This was the only way we knew how to conduct workshops! We all enjoy having a cup of tea and sharing a story in the breaks with old friends and new.

But in early 2020 the coronavirus pandemic forced us to rethink our approach. All our events are now conducted on a virtual platform. We genuinely miss face-to-face workshops and hope we can soon conduct some.

On the plus side, we’ve discovered that our virtual workshops have a larger audience! People who found it difficult to leave home or work can now attend either live or watching the replay. We’ve also welcomed people from across Australia and around the globe!

We are able to record our online workshops. Many of our most recent workshops are available to watch on our website and YouTube channel. If you want to watch a workshop again or see one that you weren’t able to attend life, it’s now possible.

Workshop Topics

We’ve conducted workshops about

  • Inclusive Education
  • Social Role Valorisation (SRV)
  • Finding Employment
  • Self-managing NDIS
  • Circles of Support
  • Creating a Vision
  • Building Relationships
  • Finding mentors an support workers

Upcoming Workshops

You’ll find all our workshops and other upcoming events in the events section. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.