Accessibility Notice


​If you have any difficulty accessing this website in any manner, please email

Commitment to Accessibility

Imagine More is committed to accessibility. We want people with disabilities to have a full and equal access to our content.


Imagine More strives to meet or exceed WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Accessibility Features

Some of the measures Imagine More has taken to make the site and content accessible include:

  • using a consistent and predictable ​layout throughout the site;
  • ensuring a minimum contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for normal text, and 3:1 for large text and graphical objects;
  • incorporating a skip navigation link;
  • adding breadcrumbs to the top of each page (other than the home page), below the main navigation;
  • ensuring the website can be navigated by the keyboard alone;
  • that all content is able to be zoomed;
  • using descriptive heading and link text;
  • ensuring hyperlinks are clearly visually detectable;
  • ensuring hyperlinks and form elements have a focus indicator;
  • ensuring on-site forms are accessible;
  • adding descriptive text for screen readers for clarity where needed.

Steps Taken

Imagine More has taken the following steps to achieve accessibility on this website:

  • installed an accessibility-ready theme and modified it to be more accessible;
  • worked with designers and developers knowledgeable in accessibility;
  • had an accessibility audit (WCAG 2.1 AA) performed by a third party on October 3, 2020 that included:
    • manual exploratory testing;
    • inspection for visual issues;
    • keyboard testing;
    • screen reader testing (JAWS and NVDA);
    • inspection of HTML, CSS and ARIA markup;
    • a variety of accessibility test tools as appropriate.

Accessibility Issues to Be Addressed

Some accessibility issues are in the process of being addressed:

  • adding captions and transcripts to videos,
  • correct captions in some videos,
  • adding audio descriptions to videos where needed,
  • changing images of text to live text,
  • requesting the third-party form provider make the forms fully accessible and looking into other options if they will not do so,
  • remediating page content on blog posts from prior to September 2020.

Known Issues

  • Third-party embedded forms are not fully accessible.
  • Because the third-party forms are embedded, the accessibility widget cannot enlarge the text in them or toggle high-contrast mode.