A Good Life

We all strive to enjoy a good life, and people with disability must be able to do the same. Learn about A Good Life and browse our growing collection of resources on this topic.

What Is a Good Life?

The good life is what we all strive for in life. But what do we mean by the good life? If we think about ‘what makes up the good things of life’ this is a good place to start. What is important to all of us?

  • Having friends and being a friend
  • being a life long learner
  • having financial security
  • having a job
  • having a life partner
  • owning a home

These are just some of the ‘things’ people identify as being important to all of us. This shouldn’t be any different for a person with disability.

Social Role Valorisation theory helps us deeply understand what it takes to seek out valued social roles for people with disability to contribute and. participate in the community in order to live ‘the good life’.

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Resources About A Good Life

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