A Full and Good Life for Everyone

In this presentation, Ann Greer shares the experiences of two of her adult children, each of whom lives with a disability. This presentation was recorded during the National Inclusion Conference, 2018.

Valen, Ann’s son, is now 36 years of age.  His future did not look bright, and when he was a little boy he was very troubled. The family did not always understand what he experienced on a day to day basis.

Valen still lives with many challenges, but he and his support team have built the necessary skills to create a great life.  He lives with his dad, John. He is supported every day to manage his life, banking, and shopping. He manages his micro-business with the support of his team.

Valen’s sister Jane celebrated her 43rd birthday on the 20th of March. She moved from Townsville (her birthplace) to Bundaberg with her new husband in October. Jane has had paid work, been a student and an international public speaker, and has a rich life.

You’ll learn about

  • the thinking behind the configuration of Jane’s support
  • the challenges in supporting her in the context of her relationship with her husband Peter
  • the support structure that ensures her needs as a human being are met as well as those of her disability.

The presentation is rich with stories which explain what it takes to make this possible.