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NDIS Self Management

Do you self-manage your NDIS funding? Why would you do something that requires such a high degree of management? Is it really better than the alternatives? Learn about self-managing NDIS and browse our growing collection of resources.

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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides people with a disability with reasonable and necessary support to live an ordinary life.

People with a disability share the ordinary aspirations of their peers without disability but need reasonable and necessary NDIS support to achieve them.

Professor Rhonda Galbally AO

How to Manage Your NDIS Funding

There are three ways you can manage your NDIS funding:

  • Agency Managed
  • Plan Managed
  • Self-managed

We know that self-managing can offer people the most flexibility in using NDIS funding. With flexibility, greater choice is experienced. Having the choice over who, when, what and how a person is supported gives a person a better chance to live a good life.

Browse the resources below. We particularly hope you enjoy the stories showing the interesting ways that people have used their funding to live a good life.

Resources About NDIS Self Management

Enjoy browsing our growing collection of resources.

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