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Circles of Support

A Circle of Support is a group of people coming together to support a person to live a good life.

A group of people gathered in a circle in a living room

What is a Circle of Support?

Circles of Support began in Canada over twenty-five years ago. Circles of Support (CoS) involve people coming together regularly in a freely given way to support the vision of a person with disability to get the good things of life. The circle usually comes together for a specific purpose, such as supporting the person to

  • find meaningful work
  • move out of the family home
  • take up other valued roles in the community.

Establishing a circle of support can be one way to safeguard the future when families are no longer around to carry the vision. Circles can provide security of the vision to be realised.

Every circle is unique to the person as the focus is driven by their individual dreams and goals. Members of the circle contribute in various ways, but always with the focus on getting the good things of life for the person.

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