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Social Inclusion in Primary School

Michelle created a Bunch of Mates around her daughter Chloe, who is fully included in her local school.

Michelle used a facilitator who shares the same values as the family to lead the group at school.

Michelle found that having a small group was successful. The Circle followed a semi-structured approach, with age-appropriate visual supports and social stories to help her daughter understand her role as a friend and the associated expectations.

Michelle had done a lot of planning together with the facilitator to ensure everyone knows what is happening from week to week. Michelle recognises the effort they put into maintaining the Bunch of Mates but is rewarded when she sees that her daughter is engaged and enjoying friendships at her school.



Some important takeaway messages from this group were: Have members of similar interests and personalities that match the individual

  • Keep activities simple and enjoyable
  • Be specific when trying to arrange outside of school activities
  • When challenged, look to your vision for clarity and purpose
  • Engage a facilitator who believes in your vision for your daughter or son.

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