Is It Behaviour or Is It Communication?

Ann Greer explains why a person is challenging us with their behaviour. Behaviour is a means of communication for many people. When viewed in this way, it gives us a new paradigm to explore when trying to understand ‘why does he do that?’.

Ann uses stories and shares ideas and strategies that may help you to start thinking differently about “poor behaviour”.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to

  • respond to behaviour in ways that are respectful and non-punishing
  • work collaboratively to understand the motives, effects and consequences of behaviour
  • develop a range of strategies to minimise the effects of certain behaviours.

Meet Ann Greer

Ann has studied the Assessment and Analysis of Severe and Challenging Behaviour with the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis (USA). She has over 20 years of formal experience in working with people with “challenging behaviours”.

Ann is a well-known and sought after presenter. She has a deep commitment to assisting everyone to be valued, contributing members of their community. Ann is the mother of three adults, two of whom live with a disability.