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Imagine More Action Initiative

Start date: June 2017 Completion date: November 2018

Funded by 2016 – 2017 Round 1 ILC Jurisdictional Based Grants, ACT

Supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families to live inclusive, typical and valued lives

About the Initiative

The Imagine More Action Initiative (IMAI) examined methods that successfully engaged and built the capacity of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and supporters. The methods identified the unique strengths, interests, and skills held by the individual. It then aligned them with typical and valued roles in their community.

During the project we

  • researched the significant preexisting body of knowledge on the subject
  • developed the project using localised tested methodologies
  • invited the input of a consortium of state-based capacity-building organisations with experience in this area.

Our Findings

We explored ways to help families be less reliant on formal services over time. We concluded that the most effective ways to empower people to create a positive future for themselves and their families were:

  • Workshops/conference and digital stories
  • Personalised consultation – developing a vision
  • Peer networks– supporting action
  • Family leadership – creating momentum, and
  • Combining experience – sharing knowledge and learning.