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Your Voice, Your Choice

Start date: July 2015 Completion date: December 2016

Funded by NDIS Sector development fund and the ACT Community Services Directorate

Your Voice Your Choice project aimed to support ACT individuals, families and community partners to participate in the NDIS by supporting people with disability to explore what a good life means to them, set life goals and plan for the future, and make informed decisions.

The Sector Development Fund

The Sector Development Fund (SDF) was established in November 2014 to assist the disability sector, including people with disability, their families and service providers, to transition to the new arrangements for disability supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIA established a strategy for the fund. The SDF strategy recognised that in order to develop an efficient, responsive and innovative market that met the diverse needs of people with disability and their families, both supply and demand issues would have to be addressed.

In 2015 the Sector Development Fund and the Community Services Directorate of the ACT Government committed $759,320 to Imagine More in partnership with Wellways and Community Connections. The purpose of this grant was to support people with a disability, mental illness or other psychosocial disability and their family and friends who, due to language, culture or personal circumstance, have had little information about the NDIS, or required personalised support in order to engage with the scheme.

Imagine More's Contribution to the Project

Imagine More’s contribution to this project included 12 workshops, six digital stories, 14 community conversations and the establishment of six peer networks. These digital stories, workshops and peer networks were forerunners to existing resources, stories and peer networks run by Imagine More today.