Striving for Inclusion

Erosha Bakmiwewa talks about her family’s journey towards creating inclusive life opportunities for her young daughter Sethmi. Sethmi attends a segregated setting in a public school in Canberra. She has been transitioning to a mainstream setting in a private school during the past two years. It has not been an easy path.

However, Erosha realises having a positive vision for the future will lead to better life chances. Her vision involves Sethmi attending her local mainstream school alongside peers without a disability. Erosha also knows that having the right supports in place is critical.

Opportunities opened up for Sethmi with the flexibility of NDIS funding. Erosha believes in using every opportunity to enhance Sethmi’s valued roles within her community. This includes:

  • dance class
  • horse riding
  • a family bike ride
  • at the local pool

The family pushes the boundaries every day so that inclusion is the new norm.