Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

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Why We Chose Inclusive Education

Learn why a family moved their daughter from a segregated school setting to a mainstream school.

Erosha Bakmiwewa is a parent of a beautiful nine-year-old daughter with autism. Erosha is passionate about ensuring her daughter is a valued member of the community, contributing and living life to the fullest.

In this presentation, Erosha talks about their journey in education. She explains why they initially picked a segregated setting. She then describes the turning point which convinced them that a mainstream school was the best setting for their daughter to flourish.

  • 0:40 – Introducing my daughter in her valued roles
  • 1:30 – My vision for my daughter
  • 2:30 – My daughter’s challenges
  • 4:04 – Her educational journey
  • 7:05 – Why did we decide to enrol in a unit?
  • 8:36 – What was the turning point?
  • 12:50 – What advocacy has been needed
  • 15:40 – The benefits of inclusive education
  • 18:30 – The challenges
  • 19:40 – Why it is worthwhile