It’s my turn now

Haylee's story of moving into her own home, where she is thriving and living a meaningful life.

Haylee watched her older siblings leave the family home many years ago. Eight years ago, she told her parents she wanted to move into her own place.

Haylee now lives by herself in a small townhouse and is thriving.

In this video, Haylee explains how much she enjoys her home and the independence it has brought her. Her mum, Marilyn, reveals her fears about Haylee moving out and what eventually motivated her to support her daughter’s move. You’ll get an insight into Haylee’s paid support, the plentiful unpaid support that surrounds her in the community, and how Haylee continues to surprise her mum with how capable she is at navigating life by herself.

This video was developed in 2023 as one of Imagine More’s contributions to the My Home, My Way project.

You’ll find Haylee’s video and many other resources about home on the My Home, My Way website.