Wally Bell

We are excited to welcome Wally to the Get That Good Life! conference. Wally is a Ngunawal Elder and will provide the Welcome to Country to officially open our conference.

About Wally

Wally BellWally Bell, Ngunawal Elder

Wally Bell is a Ngunawal man. His clan group are the Yharr people from Yass.

Wally is a Traditional Custodian caring for country and has a Cert III in Conservation and Land Management. He actively participates in all aspects of Ngunawal Aboriginal cultural heritage management for the area that lies within his ancestral boundary.

Wally engages with the broader community about culture through Cultural walks. He talks to develop an informed awareness of Ngunawal culture and its practices.

Wally consults with all levels of Government about Ngunawal Aboriginal cultural heritage management.

Wally is a director of Buru Ngunawal Aboriginal Corporation and holds positions in nine other organisations.

Wally’s Presentation

Welcome to Country

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