Jodie Reid

We are very excited to welcome Jodie to the Get That Good Life! conference. Jodie will be sharing the story about her daughter's successful microenterprise.

About Jodie

Portrait of Jodie ReidJodie Reid is a passionate and enthusiastic parent who loves talking about inclusion with anyone who wants to listen (and occasionally with some who don’t!). She believes that everybody has “their thing”- a talent, a passion, a skill – of value to contribute to those around them.

In her professional life, Jodie has worked in a range of government policy and program areas. She enjoys working collaboratively and looking for simple, creative solutions to complex problems. Just because no one has done it that way before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Jodie and her husband have two children, 15 and 21. Their daughter attended her local schools, from preschool to secondary college, and completed Year 12 in 2018. With Jodie’s help, she then followed her interest in fashion and sewing and runs a successful small enterprise in Canberra.

Jodie’s Presentation

Think Big, Go Micro!

Chloe Reid and Jodie Reid

Most people experience a micro-business when they are young. They might look after a friend’s pet or mow a neighbour’s lawn and receive some money or other item of value in return. Such micro-businesses teach young people valuable lessons about work, money, saving, and contribution.

Unfortunately, young people with disability often miss out on enjoying such experiences of work.

When COVID-19 changed Chloe’s plans for employment, Chloe and her family decided to think big and try a microenterprise.

In this presentation, Jodie and Chloe will outline how they

  • identified Chloe’s skills and interests
  • utilised their personal networks
  • and developed a successful microenterprise.

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