Charlie Herbert

We are excited to welcome Charlie to the Get That Good Life! conference. Charlie is a member of our Introduction Team.

About Charlie

Portrait of Charlie Herbert

Charlie is a 17-year-old college (senior high school) student. Next year in Year 12 he’d like to enrol in an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) focusing on business.

Charlie is an active member of the local Rural Fire Service. He is also a tennis player and horse rider. He enjoys socialising, gaming, and helping people.

Charlie’s interest in cooking gave rise to his microenterprise, Herbert’s Healthy Treats. Charlie has been supported to hold several roles in the business, including co-founder, social media coordinator, and Chef. He prepares healthy dog treats using just five natural ingredients. The treats are then beautifully packaged and sold locally.

Charlie’s Presentations

You’ll see Charlie several times throughout the conference and pre-conference sessions. He’s part of our Introduction team, and will be introducing the following sessions:

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