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Anne Keep

We are excited to welcome Anne to the Get That Good Life! conference. Anne will be talking about making the most of therapy.

About Anne

Portrait of Anne KeepAnne Keep, Imagine More

Anne is the Typical Pathways Initiative Project Coordinator at Imagine More.

Before she joined us, Anne was an Orientation & Mobility Specialist with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. In this role, Anne worked with individuals and their families in their homes, workplaces, schools and local community, often alongside other therapy providers.

Anne learned much from her experiences of working with individuals of all ages and with varying support needs. She’s become a strong advocate for inclusion in all aspects of life. She has a particular interest in promoting best practices in therapy.

Anne is the mum of two amazing and entertaining children and three fur babies. In her spare time, she enjoys various crafts and getting out in nature by running, bushwalking and camping.

Anne’s Presentation

Making the Most of Therapy

Does therapy play a role in a Good Life? And if so, what exactly is that role?

This session is for anyone who has ever

  • felt that their life is filled with therapy appointments
  • wondered if there are ways to apply therapy in the real world, away from therapy sessions and the therapist’s office
  • struggled to implement a student’s therapy needs into the school day
  • noticed that the person receiving therapy finds it
    • demotivating
    • boring and repetitive, or
    • inappropriate for their age and stage in life.

In her former role as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Anne worked alongside many therapists. She noticed that some people enjoyed much better outcomes from their therapy sessions than others. The best results were achieved by therapists whose approach

  • was role and goal-focused
  • didn’t only consist of weekly or fortnightly therapist-led sessions in a clinical setting
  • could be integrated seamlessly into the person’s regular day
  • recognised and incorporated the experiences and expertise of the individual and their support network.

In this presentation, Anne will use real-life examples to identify the critical elements of successful therapy. You’ll see how these elements are universal. They can be applied irrespective of the individual’s goals or support needs.

This will be a valuable session for families and anyone who works alongside therapists.

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Contact Details

  • Anne can be contacted at Imagine More

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