Gus Reichelt

We are excited to welcome Gus to the Get That Good Life! conference. Gus is a member of our Introduction Team.

About Gus

Portrait of Gus ReicheltAt the age of 21, life is looking increasingly exciting for Gus. He finished Year 12 in 2018 and began working at the CSIRO the following year. His part-time role as a Research Technician continues to be an enjoyable part of Gus’s busy week.

Gus is also a music enthusiast, gym member, tennis player, and emerging gamer. He loves to cook, both old favourites and new recipes. He is committed to improving his reading and communication skills and loves having opportunities to speak from stage.

Gus has a goal of moving out of the family home next year. In preparation for this, he’s been honing all of his domestic skills and acquiring the occasional piece of furniture.

Gus’s Presentations

You’ll see Gus several times throughout the conference and pre-conference sessions. He’s part of our Introduction team, and will be introducing the following sessions:

  • Building a Powerhouse Team: Families and Their Support by Janet Klees – Pre-Conference Webinar 3
  • Towards Mastering the Essentials of the Powerhouse Team by Janet Klees – Conference Day 1
  • Keeping It Real: Relationships, Sexuality, and Pornography by Tim Bavinton – Conference Day 1
  • Preparing for When We Fall Off Our Perch by Sue Robertson – Conference Day 1
  • Ageing and Living Well by Sue Robertson – Conference Day 2
  • Creating a Good Life Through Meaningful Employment by Tom Neale and Helen Neale – Conference Day 2
  • Think Big, Go Micro! by Chloe Reid and Jodie Reid – Conference Day 2
  • I’m Ready for Work: Are You? by Fiona McIntosh, Jessie Ward, and Genna Ward – Conference Day 2


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