Jessie Ward

We are excited to welcome Jessie to the Get That Good Life! conference. Jessie will be talking about customised employment.

About Jessie

Portrait of Jessie WardJessie is a Canberra-based Year 12 student. She is currently doing a Business ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship) at a local primary school.

Jessie is a dog owner, a circus trainee, and a drama enthusiast who thrives on performing in the school productions. She is also a member of a youth singing group called the Octaves.

Jessie lives with the gifts and disabilities of Koolen de Vries, a super-rare genetic condition. She is passionate about changing discrimination against people with disabilities.

Jessie is very excited about her new job as a Peer Worker in a project collecting the wisdom of people with disabilities.

Jessie’s Presentation

I’m Ready for Work: Are You?

Fiona McIntosh with Jessie Ward and Genna Ward

As young people with disability progress through the secondary school years, they and their family members often wonder:

  • what they will do after school?
  • what will they be able to do?

Families tell us they inevitably arrive at a narrow set of ‘post-school options’. These vary depending on the young person’s assessed readiness for work.

In this session, Fiona introduces participants to the concept of customised employment. It’s a great approach for people with disability who are looking for meaningful work. It helps everyone involved to imagine a broader range of employment possibilities. You may find that your understanding of “work readiness” will shift dramatically!

Participants will get an insight into creating customised employment opportunities. You’ll learn that the most successful approaches always

  • align with the interests of the young person, and
  • benefit the employer.

These insights will be revealed through interactive exercises and actionable information.

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More About Jessie

Jessie is also part of our Introduction team, and will be introducing the following sessions:

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