Max Grinsell-Jones

We are excited to welcome Max to the Get That Good Life! conference. Max is a member of our Introduction Team.

About Max

Portrait of Max Grinsell-Jones

Max Grinsell-Jones is a 20-year-old man who graduated from Marist College in Canberra three years ago. He is an Office Assistant with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, a role that he has occupied for two and a half years. As soon as COVID travel restrictions are lifted, he will be starting a second job at a GP clinic in Queanbeyan.

Max enjoys music: he plays electric guitar and takes drumming lessons. He recently got his learner’s permit and is taking driving lessons. He is also a budding filmmaker and a big fan of the GWS Giants.

Max has a short-term goal of improving his employment skills. He is also exploring moving out of his family home.

Max’s Presentations

You’ll see Max several times throughout the conference and pre-conference sessions. He’s part of our Introduction team, and will be introducing the following sessions:

  • Doing a Good Job of Getting a Good Job by Milton Tyree – Pre-Conference Webinar 2
  • Getting a Good Start in a Good Job by Milton Tyree – Conference Day 2
  • Learn. Imagine. Create. Repeat. by Jane Sherwin – Conference Day 2

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