Jane Sherwin

We are excited to welcome Jane to the Get That Good Life! conference. Jane will wrap up the conference with a presentation about valued roles and important safeguards.

About Jane

Portrait of Jane Sherwin

Jane Sherwin, MA in Education and Work, B. Occupational Therapy, Sherwin & Associates

Jane Sherwin has worked in the lives of people with disabilities and older people since the late 1970s in a range of roles and contexts.

As a consultant, Jane is a teacher/facilitator, mentor, evaluator and writer. She is a Senior Trainer in Social Role Valorisation. Jane is also a resident of a rural town in southeast Queensland, wife, aunt and great aunt, friend, neighbour, amateur photographer, bird-lover, and historical mystery fiction fan(!).

Her past roles include

  • Director of Community Resource Unit (CRU)
  • Manager of a range of disability services
  • and Occupational Therapist.

Jane’s Presentation

Learn. Imagine. Create. Repeat.

After such a stimulating and informative conference, where to next? How might you nurture the hopes and manage the buzzing ideas?

Jane will provide a helpful set of ‘next steps’ and ‘first steps’ so that the individual with a disability can get that good life! through valued roles and important safeguards.

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More about Jane

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