Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

Annie Lee

We are excited to welcome Annie to the Get That Good Life! conference. Annie and her mother Kathryn will be talking about lifelong learning.

About Annie

Portrait of Annie LeeAnnie Lee is a young Canberran and recent school leaver. During Year 12 she was actively preparing to work in a local hair salon. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 put an end to this opportunity. In response, her family decided to create a chestnut roasting business.

So that she could work in the business, Annie completed online courses in food handling and learnt money handling skills. She’s continued to develop her skills and has since taken on additional responsibilities in the enterprise.

Annie’s inclusion throughout her school years gave her the confidence to pursue further studies after year 12. She enrolled to do a Certificate II in Business Studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in 2021. Her studies have landed her a job, and she started work as an Administrative Assistant in an Accounting firm in July.

When she’s not learning new things, Annie enjoys entertaining family and friends, playing board games, cooking delicious meals from scratch, and listening to her fabulous playlist.

Annie’s Presentation

The Gift of Learning

Presented by Annie Lee and Kathryn Lee

Lifelong learning is an essential part of every person’s good life. Learning new ideas and skills is not only good for the soul. The act of learning often opens new doors, especially in our careers. It gives us opportunities to meet like-minded people, so we often make friends and broaden our social circles. Our course of study might lead to a new hobby, a business venture, or even travel. Our pursuit of knowledge or skills enriches so many parts of our lives.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn throughout their lives. But many people assume that people with disability

  • Don’t have the academic capacity, focus, or persistence to engage in lifelong learning
  • Wouldn’t benefit from learning new skills (“What’s the point?”)
  • Would rather be doing leisure activities and other “fun” pursuits, rather than “hard stuff like learning”.

Annie Lee and her mother, Kathryn, will change the way you think about building skills and knowledge after school and beyond. This is regardless of a person’s disability or the obstacles that are often placed in front of people wanting to pursue an interest or learning opportunity.

Annie has learned many new skills since finishing school in 2020. Some skills have been taught by mentors, while others were learned through participation in formal mainstream courses. Most recently, Annie has started a Cert II in Business Studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology. You’ll hear how all these pursuits have given her so much more than new business skills.

And you’ll hear how Kathryn’s commitment to fostering a love of learning has helped to set Annie on an inclusive pathway, right from the earliest years

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