Samantha Powell

We are excited to welcome Samantha to the Get That Good Life! conference. Samantha will be presenting alongside Tia Semi and Gina Semi as they share Tia's employment journey.

Portrait of Samantha PowellAbout Samantha

Samantha Powell – Innovative Employment Advisor, Valued Lives, WA

Samantha is a West Aussie with a lifetime of experience in disability. She has held volunteer roles and governance positions in the Not For Profit sector. She has qualifications in business, community services, advocacy and education support, including a Bachelors degree in Community Development. These have allowed her to put her unique perspective to use and to empower people with disability.

Samantha is values-driven and approaches everything she does with authenticity. Her work at Valued Lives allows her to follow her passion for creating more employment opportunities for people with disability. In doing so, she hopes to change attitudes around disability employment.

When not at work, Samantha is busy being a soccer Mum and cat lady.

Samantha’s Presentation

From School to International Fashion Runways

A young woman’s interest-driven journey towards a successful microenterprise

Presented by Tia Semi, Gina Semi, and Samantha Powell

Follow Tia and her team on their journey of discovering meaningful employment for Tia, driven by her interests.

Tia’s journey began with a desire to ensure her post-school life was not dominated by screens and solitude. She had an interest in fashion, design, and modelling. Her team explored this interest with her and tested creative methods of designing that didn’t involve sketching or drawing. As a result of this process, Tia has created her successful fashion label, Funk N Soul 97, and has become a runway model.

In this presentation, Tia walks us through every step of creating her Polynesian-inspired fashion ranges to show the unique ways she works.

You will learn about

  • the support Tia received along the way
  • how Tia’s business is structured to be sustainable, and
  • how you can get started on your own Microenterprise journey.

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