An Ordinary Life: Conference 2013

This was our inaugural conference, held just months after Imagine More began! The conference provided an opportunity to reflect on what it would take for vulnerable people to live “an ordinary life”.

“An ordinary life” for vulnerable people can and should include

  • all the good things of life
  • community connections
  • a place to call home
  • choice
  • acceptance and belonging.

This conference hosted local and international pioneers who presented what an ordinary life could be.


  • An Ordinary Life – Lorna Sullivan
  • What Really Matters: Asking a Different Question – Bob Rhodes
  • Strengthening Personal Networks and Social Capital – Bob Rhodes
  • Go Make a Difference Thinking (Go MAD) – Bob Rhodes
  • Making the Most of Self-Direction – Bob Rhodes
  • What is a Segregated Community? Connecting with Local Communities – Michael Kendrick
  • School Community, Visions, Communication, and Relationship Building – Gina Wilson-Burns
  • Employment – Giving Someone a Chance – Ruth Faragher
  • Identifying Career Options: Jocylyn’s Story – Meg Sweeney
  • Education Beyond School: Possibilities and Practicalities – Rhonda Faragher
  • Self-Directed Funding in the Disability Care Environment – Ian Ross
  • My Choices: A Self-Directed Pilot in Canberra – Penny Parker
  • Personal Fulfilment – Michael Kendrick
  • Empowerment, Reciprocity, and Contribution – Caroline Minchin
  • Supported Decision Making – Fiona May
  • The Journey of Inclusive Education – Paul Kruger
  • Modifying the School Curriculum – Leia MacKenzie and Joan Bradley
  • Inclusive Education: A Parent’s Perspective – Gina Wilson-Burns
  • A Place to Belong: Establishing a Home – Lee Harrison
  • Intentional Communities – Sally Richards
  • Values that Change Us and Those That Do Not – Michael Kendrick
  • The Role of Planners as We Move Into the New Paradigm – Dougie Heard
  • Advocacy for Advocates – Siobhan Clair
  • The National Disability Strategy: Putting it Back on the Agenda – Jan Kruger