Strengthening Communities Conference 2016 – Making the Most of the NDIS

This was Imagine More’s third conference. It was held live in Canberra over two days in August 2016.

At the time we were in the midst of one of the biggest social reforms in Australian history. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was being rolled out across Australia. We were excited about the opportunities the NDIS would provide individuals with disability. We could see that the funding had the potential to make a huge and positive change in their lives. We knew that it is what we do with this funding that counts. We also knew that it often requires great courage and resilience to strive for what is possible.

We invited local, national, and international speakers to talk about their approach to strengthening communities. They shared many stories about creating meaningful, inclusive lives for people with disability.


  • Vision Matters: Grounding Your Vision in Principles, Possibilities, and Practice – Janet Klees
  • Right Relationships: How Families Can Work In A  Healthy Relationship With Services – Margaret Ward
  • Circles of Support – Margaret Ward
  • NDIS – Stories of What Is Possible – Deahnne McIntyre,  Carl Emmerson and Adrienne Gault
  • Is It Behaviour Or Is It Communication? – Ann Greer
  • Support and Coordination: Essential Support Roles in  An Individualised World – Janet Klees
  • Building A Context For Roles, Relationships and Places of Belonging – Janet Klees
  • True Practice of Occupational Therapy – People Supported  in Socially Valued Roles – Tom Bevitt
  • The Nuts And Bolts Of Directly Employing – Jane Hadrill
  • Becoming A Housemate – Sheree Henley
  • I Got Out of the Group Home – Brianna Smith
  • Planning Mena’s Future – Jeremy Ward
  • I’ve Got a Job and I Love It: Inclusive School Leading to Meaningful Employment – Ruth Faragher
  • Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Schools: A Pathway To Belonging – Bruce Uditsky and Anne Hughson
  • Stories of Successful Inclusive Education For All: From  Parents To Teachers and Principals, From Preschool to High School -Bruce Uditsky and Anne Hughson
  • HireUp- Jordan O’Reilly
  • Experience the World – Yasmine Grey
  • Putting The Power Back Into Roles – Janet Klees
  • Forward Planning – Ann Greer
  • Supported Decision Making and the NDIS – Kate Rea
  • Striving For Inclusion – Erosha Bakimwewa
  • The Power Of Peers – Melissa Luxmore
  • Recruitment for Connection – Janet Klees and Jan Kruger
  • Inclusive Higher Education – Bruce Uditsky
  • Academic, Social and Physical inclusion: Stories of  School Inclusion in Practice – Paul Kruger, Rhonda  Faragher, Natalie Garrett, and Skye Knight
  • Isaac Delivers – Setting up a Business Around Isaac’s  Interests and Skills – Sheree Henley and Isaac Peel
  • Multiple Pathways to Inclusive Employment – Bruce Uditsky
  • How Individualised Funding Has Worked in Canada and How It Can Work In Australia – Bruce Uditsky, Janet Klees & Jan Kruger