Supported Decision Making and the NDIS

Learn about the supports that are needed to ensure people are involved in making decisions about things that matter to them, large and small.

What is supported decision making?

Supported Decision Making is helping someone to make their own decisions so they can have control over the things that are important to them.

From the New South Wales Public Trustee and Guardian


There are many decisions to be made as you approach the NDIS. Decisions about

  • what your good life could look like
  • which supports you might need to achieve that good life
  • who to approach for supports and services.

That’s a lot of decisions!

Some people will need support to have choice and control. Supported decision making (SDM) gives a person the supports they need to be involved, as far as they are able, in decisions that affect them. It can be used to support people to explore good life goals, then make a plan to turn those goals into reality. SDM can support family, friends and supporters to ensure that an NDIS plan truly reflects the goals of the person.

Kate has worked closely with

  • people whose decision-making capacity is impaired
  • their family, friends and carers, and
  • the broader community