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Engaging with employers and customising roles

Learn how to approach a potential employer about customising employment.

This is the second webinar from a two-part webinar series about Job Development featuring Milton Tyree (from Marc Gold & Associates) and Imagine More’s Julia Shumaker and Fiona McIntosh.

In this webinar, Milton, Fiona, and Julia spoke about

Initiating conversations with employers

  • The skill of setting initial meetings with employers.
  • The best way for families, job developers, and educational institutions to approach potential employers.
  • How to clearly convey the essence of Customised Employment to employers.

Gaining employer perspectives

  • How to ask potential employers the right questions to better understand their workspace and industry.
  • Identifying the signs of a welcoming workplace culture.

 Analysing employer needs and proposing work roles

  • Confidently identify workplace tasks that align with the person’s interests and are of benefit to the employer.
  • Craft a customised job description proposal that addresses the employer’s specific needs and values the person’s contributions.
  • Negotiate terms that benefit both parties and handle rejections with grace.

Playing time: 1 hour, 47 minutes