The Essential Worker

This was the opening presentation from our 2021 Get That Good Life! conference. Annette Bush shared the wonderful story of how her son, Jacob, became an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About this presentation

In this presentation, you will hear how Jacob’s family thoughtfully and intentionally crafted a Good Life for him.

Jacob leads a life full of meaning, purpose, contribution, and belonging. Amongst other roles, he is a

  • Woolworths Employee
  • Small Business Owner
  • Coffee Trailer Volunteer
  • surfer and surf club member
  • dancer
  • gym and music enthusiast
  • and much-loved brother and uncle.

Together, Jacob’s family made intentional choices about critical life elements such as education, community and work. The strong Vision they hold for Jacob’s life has guided this process every step of the way.

This presentation will highlight the importance of having a Vision for a Good Life. It will emphasise the value of seeking typical experiences and holding high expectations for people with disability. And it will demonstrate how community connection can lead to opportunities, enduring relationships, and a life filled with rich experiences.

Portrait of Annette BushMeet Annette Bush

Annette is the mother of five children and grandmother to two. She is passionate about inclusion and belonging in community.

Annette believes that inclusion in the school setting is where the Good Life journey starts. In her experience, inclusive education was the critical factor that created community belonging for her son.

Annette has been affiliated with Family Advocacy NSW for 18 years. She has spoken at and facilitated many workshops promoting inclusion in education, the community, and the workforce.

Meet Jacob Bush

Portrait of Jacob BushJacob is a young man of 22 years. He is a surfer, gym member, bike rider, and dancer. Pursuing these interests has broadened his connections to his community while also keeping him fit and healthy.

Jacob graduated from Year 12 in 2018. Throughout his school years, Jacob was fully included in regular classes alongside his peers. This typical school journey provided many opportunities, including numerous work experience placements during high school. These experiences led to Jacob’s current employment as an essential worker at Woolworths.