Session 2 – Monday, August 2

The Power of a Positive Introduction

Who are you? What do you do?

These are typically the first questions someone asks when meeting for the first time. Hopefully, this session helped you find ways to answer these in a way that reflects your high expectations for your son/daughter and provide a powerful positive introduction.

You can hear Janet Klees talking about The Power of a Positive Introduction in this video:

Community Resource Unit (CRU) has some information about this topic on its website. Take a look at their page on Power of a Positive Introduction >>

Using strength and role-based language and embedding positive attributes and interests paints a picture of who the person is.

Instead of this…

Try this…

My daughter with Autism

My daughter, Beth

He can’t…

He needs support to…


A real body talker

She loves painting

She’s an artist

He’s 15 but he functions at a 10-year-old level

My son is a teenager, he’s 15

We also talked about how we can help the sons and daughters of the group to do this themselves through scripting and practice.

If you would like additional copies of the worksheet you can download a copy by clicking the button below:

Download the Power of a Positive Introduction Workbook (PDF, 40 KB)