Living the dream and creating a life full of possibility

Every person has a dream unique to them, and Nathan has been living his. This has been possible for Nathan because his family started with a vision for his life that did not put limits on what could be possible for him.

As Nathan grew older, he explored interests like film and attended a mainstream school, taking part in work experience. He was able to develop a sense of who he was and his preferences –just like his brothers.

Nathan has had the opportunity to succeed and to fail – to learn where his strengths are and to build on those. His presentation shared insights into his employment journey, what all these experiences have brought to Nathan, and how each has led to other opportunities and considerations.

Nathan also spoke about how having a clear vision has made it possible for him to live the dream and the endless employment possibilities this has led to.

This video was recorded during our Opening Opportunities conference in 2023.

Meet Nathan Basha

Portrait of Nathan BashaNathan has Down syndrome, but he says, “That’s not who I am”. He has spoken at international and national conferences, political forums, corporate functions, universities, schools, community groups and workshops, sharing his insights about what can happen when people are encouraged to live their dreams and live life to their full potential.

Nathan is a filmmaker. He attended The University of Sydney and works at the prominent radio station Nova 96.9. Nathan believes if change is truly to occur,

“It’s in the mindsets – the fixed and mixed mindsets that create barriers, and we need to break through that, allow more people to have a chance in life and allow people’s ability to shine. What you see on the outside is one thing, but what you see on the inside is more”.

Nathan has spoken previously at one of our conferences, and we were honoured that he was able to join us again for the Opening Opportunities conference in 2023.