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Creating a microenterprise to explore Sethmi’s interests

Erosha explains how her family created a microenterprise for their daughter, Sethmi, based on subtle interests they noticed during the Discovery process.

Erosha’s daughter Sethmi, who is in year 9, is the focus of Erosha’s presentation.

Erosha will share how her family created a micro-enterprise for Sethmi based on subtle interests they noticed during the Discovery process. She’ll explain

  • how their family has approached Discovery to learn about Sethmi’s interests, needs and skills
  • how they created work experience activities for Sethmi
  • how they recognised and tested Sethmi’s interest in food preparation at school and home
  • how they thought about a product that Sethmi could make
  • how they came up with the idea to approach a food-based business for an opportunity for Sethmi to sell her product
  • what this opportunity has taught Sethmi’s family about Sethmi
  • what they will be exploring in the future.

Meet Erosha Bakmiwewa

Portrait of Erosha BakmiwewaErosha is a mother of three beautiful children – Sethmi, Jayden and Keisha – and wife to her wonderfully supportive husband, Suranga. Previously, Erosha was a financial analyst, and she is now one of Imagine More’s fabulous facilitators and a postgraduate student at the University of Canberra.

Erosha came across Imagine More at a crucial time in her oldest daughter’s life and, as a result, successfully advocated for Sethmi’s inclusion in mainstream education. She has since used the principles of Social Role Valorisation to carve a pathway for getting the good things in life for Sethmi and her other children.

When she’s not supporting other families to reclaim their dreams for their family members with disability, Erosha is likely to be found cooking for others, entertaining family and friends, engrossed in a good conversation, or working her way through her collection of books.

Meet Sethmi Lekamarachchi

Portrait of Sethmi LekamarachchiSethmi is a wonderful daughter, sister,  Year 9 student, dancer, speaker and a proud micro business owner.

Sethmi started her journey towards an inclusive education when she was in Year 2, and since then has been a force to be reckoned with. She has been pleasantly surprising her family, teachers and friends with her achievements so far.

As a micro business owner, Sethmi has been making gains in finding what motivates her to run a food business. She has proven that nothing is impossible for young people with disability when the right kind of attitude and supports are available!